Car Service Center Tool Management System

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Tool management system for car service centers and factories

Car service centers, workshops, and other service centers use loads of tools. An average repair shop has at least 2,000 special tools, but it’s not uncommon to have more than 7,000 tools in just one service center. It’s such an impossible thing to keep them all in mind: it’s worth to use a workshop tool management program.

In addition, due to legal regulations and requirements, some equipments must be sent out for regular calibration or inspection. Whether it is a reviewing of a car lift, or calibrating a measuring instrument, ToolOffice automatically performs the administrative task for you. You will be notified when maintenance is required, so there’s no chance of slipping out of time.

Features of ToolOffice software

1. Tracking the up to date factory specifications and regulatory changes

2. Warning before expiry of review periods

3. Tools Control Ltd. will also perform the necessary review, including repairs as needed

4. All information is digitized and made available in the ToolOffice car workshop management system

Why choose TooOffice?

Complete inventory of all the range of assets

Recording the calibration and review of service tools on a regular basis

No more disappearing tools

Total staff control

Modern, innovative interface

Saves working hours compared to manual tool management per week

No missed mandatory reviews or calibrations

Authority penalties can be avoided

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