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Calibration and certification of measuring instruments

Regular measuring instrument calibration and verification is essential for a successful car service station. Not only does review ensure the exact operation of the equipment, it also helps to prevent performance degradation caused by hidden errors and poor settings. This review can also be used to keep track of factory specifications and regulation changes. Measuring instrument calibration is most similar to a dental examination: it is better to detect problems before serious damage occurs.

Regular reviewing increases efficiency and saves significant service costs. Instrument errors are detected and can be corrected before they become critical. The process is automated and all data / information is digitally saved for later analysis. An average car workshop registers approximately 2 to 7,000 tools and calibrate approximately 80 equipments (several times a year). These tasks are automated, fast and do not require long working hours with Tools Control.

Our goal is to save time and money for our customers with our professional services. Our mobile calibration lab is available countrywide: we do the necessary work at the customer’s site so you don’t have to deal with logistics. If an instrument cannot be calibrated in the mobile lab (for example, the procedure requires a temperate environment), we offer you a delivery option.

Where do we do the calibration and certification?

A quality measuring instrument calibration requires the best-equipped laboratory and technicians. We have developed our own laboratory at Tools Control to provide the best quality, that meets the requirements of ISO17025 testing and calibration laboratories. With this infrastructure and background, we are able to review and calibrate over 10,000 tools and equipments annually. Our team of IT developers, metrologists, measurement technicians and audit experts work together to review and calibrate the measuring instruments are used in car service centers.

Our service also includes the accreditation, verification, validation measurements, certification, calibration and recalibration time validation, and monitoring. We can calibrate nearly 130 types , and thousands of sub-types of equipments. Examples:

  • manometers
  • vacuum gauges
  • torque wrenches
  • calipers, depth gauges
  • micrometers
  • indicator gauges
  • standard trailer balls
  • multimeters, clamps
  • VAS Specific Measurement Techniques

Why to choose Tools Control measuring instrument Services?

  • We save time for you and for your colleagues
  • We save you the cost of replacing your untimely worn-out devices
  • Rest assured, there is no need to be afraid of penalties for backlogs on audits
  • Use our professional tool management system for free

Measuring instrument calibration and revision is a long-term, profitable investment. If you are interested, contact us and request for a quotation!

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