About us

Tools Control Ltd. Company Intro

Decades of experience in the automotive special tool and equipment management

We save time and money for our customers with our automated tool management solutions and on-site tool calibration. Our mobile lab is countrywide available.

Devices that require periodic validation, certification, inspection, or calibration are a major challenge for any service provider. Tools Control relieves you of the administrative burden: we help our customers with tool management software support , we help in the inventory, calibration, validation and certification of their tools, and we also help in the purchase of new special tools they need.

Take advantage of our services and engage in profitable activities instead of constant administration!

Company history

We have been continuously improving our services and expanding our activities since the establishment of the company in 2012. Initially we dealt with measuring instruments and testing tool audits, later we expanded our services with the software called ToolOffice. We have our own calibration laboratory since 2016. Thanks to these improvements, now we provide our customers an integrated service that includes software supported tool management, audits, tool and equipment calibration.

The long-term business model is well illustrated by our steadily growing customer base and sales revenue. The quality of our services is ensured by our expanding service team. We also launched an international business expansion in 2017: our long-term goal is to build up a strong market position with our innovative services across Europe.